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Since 1962, we have been one of the longest established soccer clubs in all of Ontario with a proven track record of developing players and championship teams from youth to adult to masters to professional teams.

Over the last several years we have been very fortunate to experience a tremendous increase in teams and players wanting to join our soccer club program.

If you are a new player, coach or team wanting to join our club, please contact us at your convenience c/o of general@londonmarconisoccer.com.  If you are existing member of the Marconi soccer family, we thank you for your past contribution and support and we look forward to working and playing with you again in future.

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Women's Premier Staff
I would like to welcome Jacquie Catalano Newman to the Marconi Women's...
Woman's Premier Conditioning Coaches Added
We are delighted to announce the addition of Trevor Williamson...
New Marconi Woman's Premier Coach Appointed
Marconi Soccer is pleased to announce the appointment of Marcelo...
Men's Premier Wins Nationals 2015
Marconi won its second straight Canadian senior men’s club...
Women's Premier Staff

I would like to welcome Jacquie Catalano Newman to the Marconi Women's Premier Staff.

We are fortunate to have Jacquie as our new Team Manager.  Jacquie is both my friend and confidant - I hope you extend her the same enthusiasm and kindness you have extended me.

Henceforth, any matter (personal or private) pertaining to our team must be presented to either Jacquie or myself.  With the exception of situations requiring board intervention, Jacquie and /or myself will make all team decisions without any external influence.

Jacquie's contact info: jacquienewman9@gmail.com


Coach Marcelo

by posted 03/27/2016
Woman's Premier Conditioning Coaches Added

We are delighted to announce the addition of Trevor Williamson and Mitch Stewart of TPH (Total Package Hockey) to the Marconi Woman's Premier coaching staff. Trevor and Mitch are two of the cities most coveted and experienced strength and conditioning coaches. Their clientele includes athletes from the following athletic institutions: NHL, OHL, AHL,KHL NCAA.

The addition of experts like Trevor and Mitch to the Marconi coaching staff is indicative of a new Marconi Woman's program. Coach Marcello appreciates that for many of his players the summer season serves as preparation for college/university season(s). With this considered he has secured the help of professional trainers to a) strengthen his players for their time with Marconi and b) help them prepare for other athletic commitments. 

For players recovering/returning from injury, working with experienced experts such as Trevor and Mitch can be especially beneficial as they will provide adequate training options.

As noted by Johann Cruyff: "Every professional golfer has a separate coach for his drives, for approaches, for putting. In soccer we have one coach for 15 players. This is absurd."

In an effort to rid our club of the redundant and absurd coaching mentalities of this city, we will continue to recruit the best experts in order to produce an/or strengthen the best players.

Coach Marcello





by posted 03/16/2016



MARCONI MINI STARS will be at the Marconi Club accepting in person registrations and fitting for uniforms on the following dates:


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2016 - 6 TO 8 P.M.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 2016 - 6 TO 8 P.M.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2016 - 6 TO 8 P.M.


We look forward to meeting you all.


Should you be unable to attend one of these sessions, please contact us at registration@londonmarconisoccer.com





by posted 03/15/2016
New Marconi Woman's Premier Coach Appointed

Marconi Soccer is pleased to announce the appointment of Marcelo Herrera as the new Woman's Premier Coach.

We believe that Marcelo's experience and enthusiasm will make an excellent addition to our Club and we look forward to an exciting 2016 season.

Please contact Coach Marcelo with any questions or concerns regarding the Premier Woman's Team.


A note from Coach Marcelo:

"My coaching goals with this team are simple: The players and I will work collectively to begin the process of rebuilding women’s soccer in this city. We will aim to free [it] of its current state of unproductive and mindless squabbling, to an environment that understands the difference between competitiveness and mere malice.

A drastic change is needed in the women’s game in London. Stale soccer as a result of stale and antiquated coaching must be put aside in favour of ideas and styles of play that are better suited for a new generation of female athletes.

I am excited to start working with the team as soon as possible – I am excited to be a part of a new era for Marconi women’s soccer."


Marcello Herrera

Marconi Premier Women's Head Coach.

by posted 03/14/2016
Men's Premier Wins Nationals 2015

Marconi Men's Premier

Marconi won its second straight Canadian senior men’s club championship Monday, going to extra time to defeat Edmonton Scottish 2-1 in Calgary.

Marconi became the first team to go back-to-back in the men’s senior level since the Calgary Callies in 2007-08.

Marconi won the title when Jovan Ivanovich converted a penalty five minutes from the end. Ivanovich had opened the scoring 20 minutes into the game.

Marconi held onto the lead until the 81st minute, when Scottish was awarded a penalty that they converted.

That penalty was the only goal Marconi gave up in five games during the tournament. Goalkeeper Mark Haynes went 620 minutes before giving up a goal.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Haynes said. “To be honest, the team in front of me was incredible this week. We played five games and next to no real scoring opportunities given up. We really shut it down. We had some guys just step in and play phenomenal this week.”

Marconi became the first London men’s senior team to win back-to-back Ontario Cups this year. They also won three domestic championships, including the Western Ontario Soccer League title and League Cup. In total, the team won five trophies.

“To have that happen is a dream season,” Haynes said.

It takes great skill and luck to win a pair of Canadian championships but the only thing the same between the two tournaments was the degree of difficulty.

“Every year’s a grind,” Haynes said. “Playing five games in six days for anybody to do that, for any team, is amazing. It’s so hard on your body. Everyone stopped up here.

“We talked about it earlier in the season that ultimately this was our goal. It’s a dream come true really.”

Marconi showed great resilience leading the game for almost 60 minutes then giving up the lead late in the second half. To bounce back is the mark of a champion.

“For us to preserve and fight through it . . . we talked about it at the end of regulation time and said it was our game to win,” he said. “We talked about leaving it all on the field. We had 30 more minutes and maybe penalties but we were leaving it all on the field.”

Did it take long for the discussion to turn from having won two straight to giving it a go for a third championship in succession.

“I think we’re just enjoying this one right now,” Haynes said with a laugh. “We’re going to enjoy it for a few days then maybe in January come back and talk about doing it again.” 

posted 11/06/2015
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